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New Client Appointment.

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·. Price:$150

Return Client Appointment

. Duration:1 hr·. Price:$100

*Monday Only- Return Client

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:$60

Extended Appointment- Coaching+Acu+Adjunct

. Duration:2 hrs·. Price:$200

Food Shopping Guide

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$150

Extended Return Client Appointment

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·. Price:$150


Opening hours

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14 reviews
  • Karen·

    I just came from an appointment with Dov. I have been seeing him for a few years now and I continue to be amazed by how knowlegdeable, kind, compassionate and how I feel so much better when I leave his office. I have had acupuncture before but Dov is by far the best acupuncturist that I have ever seen.

  • Michele Savaunah Zirkle·

    I always leave feeling much more relaxed and happy! 😃 The cupping, the acupuncture, the music, and most of all, Dov’s insights during our initial chats. All of it collides into a peaceful resolution to what ails you.

  • Bruce·

    In my experience, Dov is unique in his knowledge, expertise, and concern for his clients. Most Highly recommended.

  • jesus varela·

    Amazing! Doc Dove is kind, understanding, very knowledgeable, thank you so much!

  • Just Kibbe·

    I've been seeing Dov for acupuncture since 2019. From the beginning, I have been impressed with Dov's thoughtfulness and thoroughness. My job is hard on my body, and Dov's attention to the ways I get out of balance has been hugely helpful in maintaining my physical health. I go see Dov once a month. My treatments always address my primary concern that month and my ongoing issues. I highly recommend Dov for his acupuncture and his attunement with my body's needs.

  • Karen·

    Dov is a very knowledgeable and compassionate acupuncturist. I always feel confident that when I leave his office I will feel much better and have a better understanding of steps I can take to feel better.

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